E komo mai! Welcome!

East Hawaii Wellness Center is located in a beautifully restored 1936, historic home in Hilo, Hawaii.  Come for treatment, stay for a class or take a walk around our beautiful gardens.

Here at our Center, we offer a variety of healing modalities, by some of the most talented professionals on the Big Island.  All of our providers are licensed, highly trained and amazingly skilled.  We work together, providing our patients and clients some of the best integrated, holistic medicine you'll find anywhere.

Please take some time to check out our new website.  Click on the links above to discover all that we have for you, your family and friends to keep you healthy and happy in the years to come.

Thank you - from all of us at East Hawaii Wellness Center



" I had a fear of needles. Cat was quick to ease these feelings and make me feel confident in her abilities. I felt incredible energy moving thru my body during the session. Afterwards I felt calm and relaxed for days. Big results." MH

"Cat is a caring and intuitive acupuncturist that takes great experience and knowledge in treating her patients. The results are amazing and life changing." PN

Cat is extremely professional. (She) takes the time to evaluate your situation so you also understand the procedure she will use to make you feel comfortable as well as secure under (her) professional touch." LS

"Cat has an unbelievable calmness and sincere energy which puts you at ease no matter the pain or the fear you feel. Cat takes the time to ask the questions to get to the "sources" of your concerns. She is a wealth of knowledge using other professionals to help in the healing process to be quicker and more efficient. While on her table, I am able to slip into a meditative state that I have never achieved anywhere else. It was the most relaxed state, indescribable! Sincerely, I have referred to Cat and will continue to do so. She is a master at her skills and a saint in her energy!" LH